Pattie, Chips and Scraps

Pattie, Chips and Scraps
Half-eaten Pattie, served with Chips and Scraps

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Pattie, Chips and Scraps, and the Pattie Butty

Origins of the Pattie

The Pattie (or Patty) is a food from the North-East of England. Many will argue that its origin lies in the port of Kingston upon Hull, East Yorkshire (or Humberside), where it is readily available from Fish and Chip Shops (Chippys) and Takeaways.

Ingredients of a Pattie

The Pattie is a mix of mashed potato blended with the herb Sage, and sometimes onion. These ingredients are formed into a disc (although sometimes a square), and frozen for storage. To cook, simply cover the frozen Pattie in batter mix and deep fry.

There are several variations of the Pattie, such as the Meat Pattie (with added Corned Beef) and the Cheese Pattie (Cheese and Onion); But the standard sage, onion and potato pattie remains the all time classic.

How to serve a Pattie

The photograph above shows a half eaten circular Pattie, served with Chips and Scraps. The pattie can either replace or compliment battered fish. Additionally, Patties can be eaten in a Breadcake which form a dish known as the 'Pattie Butty', or 'Patty Butty'.

- Everyone knows what chips are so there will be no further explanation
Scraps - Small pieces of deep fried Batter Mix
. Scraps are extremely unhealthy, but taste extremely good.

The Pattie Butty

The Pattie Butty is simply a Pattie served in a Breadcake.

Bread Cake
- A circular bread product. Sine the early 1500's, students from around Great Britain have debated and argued long and hard, for many hours, about the nomenclature of small bread based products. These arguments (or 'Mass-Debates') usually occur whilst drinking alcohol based beverages. The subject of these arguments can vary from Bap, Cob, Bread Bun, Bread Cake, Tea Cake, Currant Tea Cake, Roll, Barm Cake, Stottie, etc, etc. In the case of the Pattie Butty, 'Bread Cake' is the prefered term!!

Enhance the flavour of your Pattie
Simply add chipshop Salt, Vinegar or your Sauce of choice